Law Book

The key to understanding any game is to have a thorough knowledge of the Laws. World Rugby Law Book can be downloaded at

In addition to the Law Book, it’s also important to keep up to date with the Law application guidelines and the Clarifications in Law. These can be accessed from the World Rugby Law site as mentioned above.

Youth / Age Groups

In addition to the U19 Law variations, which are included in the World Rugby Law Book, several Primary School law variations affect the age group U10 to U13 in South Africa. Please click on the PDF link below to download the Primary School variations.

In South Africa, certain scrum engagement modifications have been adapted to cater to the various age groups. This includes various youth age groups' playing time, sin bin time, and halftime break durations.


Supporting guidelines have been approved by the SARU General Meeting to ensure consistency among its members in the administration of the Technical Zone and Ball Retrievers’ services in South Africa.