Test Yourself

1. Two opposing players go to ground to retrieve the ball, and neither one gains possession. One of the players gets up and picks up the ball, and the other tackles the ball carrier from a kneeling position. What action should the referee take?

2. A tackle occurs. The tackler, while on his feet and legal to play, gains possession of the ball from the tackled player, but goes to ground with the ball at the tackle. What action should the referee take?

3. The ball has come out from a ruck on the defenders’ side. A defending player immediately drops down onto the ball to prevent an opponent from gaining possession. Which of the following is correct?

4. When a scrum is awarded following an unsuccessful end to a maul, which team throws the ball in?

5. The ball carrier in a maul drops to a kneeling position and hands the ball to a standing teammate in the maul and as a result the ball is available to be played. The maul is stationary. What action should the referee take?

6. A team forms a line-out without a receiver, and the line-out commences. What action should the referee take?

7. In a senior match, a scrum is awarded to the attacking team 5m from the defending team goal-line. The scrum moves into the in-goal of the defending team. A defending player, not in the scrum, sees the ball touching the goal-line. This player dives into the scrum and touches the ball down. What should the referee award?

8. After a team wins possession of the ball in a scrum their No. 8 has the ball at his feet and is in contact with the locks by gripping their jerseys with both hands without being otherwise bound. Do the Laws relating to the scrum remain in effect, or is the ball out of the scrum?

9. What should occur if a scrum is wheeled through more than 90 degrees in a senior match?

10. The Kicker has indicated to the referee his intention to kick at goal from a penalty kick. The kicker has not started his run-up after one (1) minute and is still repositioning the ball at the tee. What action should the referee take?

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